Hey Everyone! I wanted to participate in Lent this year for many reasons that I am not going to get into right now. My main goal was to pick 1 thing that would be easier than the rest for me to give up and 4 things that I would have to challenge myself with. So for lent… Continue reading Lent


How to keep your lips & hands soft and moisturized this winter!

Hey everyone! Winter is here and its the time of year where our lips are getting dry! Here is what I've been doing to keep my lips soft and moisturized, getting them ready to wear lipstick with out those dry cracked lips! First, I make sure to keep my lips exfoliated, a lip scrub or… Continue reading How to keep your lips & hands soft and moisturized this winter!

Review: Makeup Forever Mist & Fix Spray

Makeup Forever's Mist & Fix has to be the best hydrating/makeup spray I have ever came across and for someone who gets very oily skin, that's saying a lot! I have never been interested in setting sprays until I was in the Sephora checkout line one day looking at all the little sized products they have (I always… Continue reading Review: Makeup Forever Mist & Fix Spray

Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop Highlighter Review

I have always wanted to try out a highlighter but I never found one that caught my eye or made me want to purchase it right away except for when I heard about Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Pop!! The fact that it can go with any skin tone, especially olive skin-tones (which are harder to find… Continue reading Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop Highlighter Review

Bath & Body Works, Davids Tea and Lush Haul

I went to Bath & Body Works the other week to get some fall candles and I ended up getting amazing deals for candles and hand soap. The 3 wick candles were on 2 for $34 and the hand soap was on 6 for $25!!! (which is still on) I had to spurge a bit. After smelling… Continue reading Bath & Body Works, Davids Tea and Lush Haul

Sephora’s Pearl Sleeping Mask Review

Hi lovely's, sorry I haven't posted anything in over a week! I have been sick and trying to get better but I am back feeling better now! I normally have oily dehydrated combination skin and it is a STRUGGLE! It is always all over the place and lately my skin has been on the drier… Continue reading Sephora’s Pearl Sleeping Mask Review