Sephora’s Pearl Sleeping Mask Review

Hi lovely’s, sorry I haven’t posted anything in over a week! I have been sick and trying to get better but I am back feeling better now!

I normally have oily dehydrated combination skin and it is a STRUGGLE! It is always all over the place and lately my skin has been on the drier side but one thing is for sure.. it ALWAYS gets oily! I have tried numerous products and will later do a post explaining more in depth about everything to do with my skin issues.

My skin has been feeling dehydrated and dry lately, especially last night (still having oily skin problems though) so I decided to try out this mask for the first time. I picked it up one day while grabbing a few things at Sephora and noticed a bunch of masks from the Sephora collection at the check out and wanted to try one out. I asked the person ringing me through which one was most popular and she said it was the pearl sleeping mask, so I went with this one and mainly because I loved the pink packaging.

Sephora's Pearl Sleeping Mask

Sephora’s Pearl Sleeping Mask says that it evens and helps minimize irregularities for skintone that is even, fresher, and brighter.

I cleaned my face and dried it with no moisturizer. I then put a fine layer of product all over my face and declate area and went to bed!. It is a gel like consistency that is silky feeling, It smells nice and it’s not over powering. It is a mask that melts into your skin and by morning it’s like your skin just soaked it up! But I still had to rinse my face in the morning as it was very moisturizing and I have oily skin.

First off let me just say how much I LOVE this mask. It is amaaaazing! I honestly think it cleared up some breakouts I had going on because my skin looks renewed and feels AMAZING with barley any bumps and let me just say how much I struggle with my skin! It isn’t that noticeable until your in person but i am prone to black heads and constantly have little bumps all over my forehead and temples. From time to time I get cystic acne and it is a pain to get rid of and when it comes, and it’s usually a whole cluster of them (ahhhhh)! No mask I’ve ever tried has both renewed my skin AND calmed my breakouts and bumps down to the point where I don’t notice them.

I ended up having left overs, enough for one or two more masks which I am very happy about especially since I loved this mask! I will definitely be re-purchasing this mask. When I try more of these masks I will do them all in the same review instead of separate ones depending on my love for each one!

xo, Melissa


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