2015 Fall Favourites


Fall is my favourite time of year, next to the Christmas season of course! I love the smell and look of everything! I have already started dressing for fall as the weather is getting colder, I get cold so easily. I’ve had the urge to start baking for late fall and Christmas already but I won’t be able to hold my self back from eating it all! ahhh.

I already have some staples for fall that I can’t stop wearing. Blanket scarves, booties, striped/plaid and chambray shirts are in right now and are so easy to pair with almost anything, you just have to be creative. If it is a warmer day for fall I love to wear a jegging or legging with a tank top or t-shirt and paring it with a cardigan sweater or a chambray shirt/jean jacket. I have loved wearing a mauvey-plum blush and trying out different shades of bold pink/mauve lipsticks to go with what ever I am wearing that day. This past Labor Day weekend, my family and I went out for brunch at a cute little restaurant just outside of town called the Berry Barn and I put together this outfit for transitioning into the colder fall weather in a way where I wouldn’t have to wear a heavier coat just yet so I paired a jean jacket with a blanket scarf to stay warm! I got my hair done back in July when I really wanted to try ombré and I was going to go back to brunette once fall/winter was here but it grew on me and I am loving it for fall and I don’t think I am ready to get rid of it just yet. I don’t drink enough water unless I have a straw to go with it which sound insane but is true, so I found a Venti tumbler with a straw in gold that I just love while I was at Starbucks one day which has kept me staying hydrated and I feel so much better because of it!


P.S. – Keep a look out for a post on blanket scarfs soon!

xo, Melissa


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