Bath & Body Works, Davids Tea and Lush Haul


I went to Bath & Body Works the other week to get some fall candles and I ended up getting amazing deals for candles and hand soap. The 3 wick candles were on 2 for $34 and the hand soap was on 6 for $25!!! (which is still on) I had to spurge a bit. After smelling all of the fall scented candles (which were limited) and soaps I decided on Sweater Weather and Flannel for my candles, I fell in love. The hand soap selection of fall scents was much bigger than the candle selection. I originally went to pick up my absolute FAVOURITE scent which is Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin but since there was such a good deal on, I had to get it. I had trouble deciding between what other scents I was going to get and after spending forever going back and forth smelling all the ones that caught my attention (I am fairly indecisive) I ended up going with Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Crisp Morning Air, Sunlight & Apple Tree’s and Sonoma Sunflower Blossom. I got doubles in my favourite scents to last me until next year!


Sweater Weather Snuggle up with a cozy blend of aromatic eucalyptus, juniper berry & fresh sage.
Flannel Wrap yourself in a warm blend of bergamot, polished mahogany & a veil of soft musk.
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin – A sweet autumn blend of pumpkin, vanilla cream & spicy cinnamon sticks.
Crisp Morning Air – A fresh breeze of pine, juniper & pear evokes a quiet fall morning.
Sunlight & Apple Tree’s – A warm autumn blend of crisp apple, sweet quince & birch wood.
Sonoma Sunflower Blossom – A sunkissed blend of bright sunflowers, sweet orange blossoms & white grape.

I had no idea that David’s Tea sold candles but a girl I work with had bought a candle from there in the scent Pumpkin Chai and as you know I love Chai Tea Lattes so when I smelt this candle I immediately fell IN LOVE! I had to go buy it, I have actually been burning it all day and just cant get enough. I tried to find a link for this candle but it is not sold online!


I ran out of LUSH bath bombs the other week so it was an excuse to go pick up some more! The store where I live didn’t have a very big selection like they did before renovating which I was a little disappointing about. I was looking for some relaxing bath bombs as well and some that just smelt good. I have a jar I intended on putting them in but the bath bombs were to big so I cut the bath bombs into smaller chunks which I was okay with because I don’t like how much product 1 bath bomb gives off into my bath water. My favourite bath bombs I picked out were Twilight, Big Blue, Blackberry, Fizzbanger, and The Comforter Bubbles.

TwilightDreamy lavender froth for sweet dreams.
Big Blue – Sail away and take a vacation from life, in the tub.
Blackberry Bath BombA purple, fruity fizzer for a burst of cheeriness.
ButterballBeautiful butter cream hydration for dry skin.
Fizzbanger Ballistic – Apple cinnamon bath time fireworks.
Comforter BubblesHide away from the world underneath a blanket of blackcurrant bubbles.

xo, Melissa

Do you guys want to see more Hauls, how do you you like them? Leave your comment below and let me know!


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