Review: Makeup Forever Mist & Fix Spray


Makeup Forever’s Mist & Fix has to be the best hydrating/makeup spray I have ever came across and for someone who gets very oily skin, that’s saying a lot! I have never been interested in setting sprays until I was in the Sephora checkout line one day looking at all the little sized products they have (I always love looking at the products by the checkout line) and this caught my eye because my skin always feels dehydrated and that is the main reason I decided to try this spray rather than use it to set my makeup! This spray is amazing for when you are traveling and your skin is having a tantrum, you can use this spray with or without make up. I am the type of person who doesn’t like my skin to be super oily but I also don’t like it matte, dry OR sticky! I like it to be natural and dewy and this definitely keeps a nice balance for me. This make up spray is for all skin types and is a light weight, rub resistant spray lasting up to 12 hours. It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and gives you a subtle glowing look and I like that this spray is alcohol free. I definitely noticed a different in my skin since using this and my make up lasting longer.

xo, Melissa


8 thoughts on “Review: Makeup Forever Mist & Fix Spray”

  1. Hi Melissa, have you tried M.A.C.’s Prep and Prime Fix+? I’m curious as to how it compares to that as it has been the first spray I’ve purchased and I’m not too impressed by it. I mostly use it to spray my brushes before blending foundation or concealer and for that it’s great. I may have to check this out! Thanks for the review!!

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    1. Hi Jewel! I have and I do not like it as much as this one! I have found that it is a nice mist to apply before make up (but not on oily skin as it can make your make up slide off later in the day) or to spray on bare skin in the summer time! But I definitely pick the mist & fix over that one as I get really dry skin after washing my face (that’s a whole other story itself!) but then it gets oily through out the day and it helps my make up not to slide off and hydrates everything that it dry! That’s a great idea to spray it on your brush before blending!

      xo, Melissa


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