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How to keep your lips soft and moisturized this winter!

Hey everyone! Winter is here and its the time of year where our lips are getting dry! Here is what I’ve been doing to keep my lips soft and moisturized, getting them ready to wear lipstick with out those dry cracked patches!

First, I make sure to keep my lips exfoliated, a lip scrub or tooth brush works best for me! Then I make sure to ALWAYS have lip chap on, I have experimented with countless lip chaps and found that Blistex Regular SPF15 (not medicated) works the BEST which you can buy at walmart or any drug store. It isn’t greasy, it lasts the longest and it gives a beautiful moisturized finish. It works well under lipsticks although if it is a bright or very dark pink/red I would recommend a lip liner to go underneath so it doesn’t run! Another one of my favourite lip products, mostly when my lips aren’t that dry and only when I am getting ready for the day is Creme de Rose Smoothing plumping lip balm with SPF10 just because you have to use your fingers to apply it!

Make sure to keep lip chap on after you shower and before you go to bed and reapply through out the day and your dry lips should disappear!

xo, Melissa


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